Encouraging connection and activity locally, regionally and globally. Channelling interests and activities fostered through the year into organising meetings, subject streams at the annual Conference, submissions to JCR, news items for the Newsletter, getting people to join IACR, generally just being in touch, and so on.
For example, a person in Australia might want to be involved in coordinating a subject area, e.g. education or philosophy, and linking interest in Australia with others in the UK or Brazil, who might also have education or philosophy subject coordinators. One result would be that when it came to a Conference, it would be easy for people to know who else was working in their field and to feel encouraged to offer a paper.

If you would like to get involved, please add your name to this list.

List of Networkers
Ismael Al-Amoudi
UK, management and business studies

Derek P. Brereton
USA, anthropology

Gordon Brown
Australia, education

Prakash Chatterjee
UK, philosophy of information, internet studies

Bill Cooke
New Zealand, visual arts

Hans Despain
USA, economics, meta-Reality

Radha D'Souza
UK, colonialism/imperialism, emancipatory social movements

Kate Forbes-Pitt
USA, philosophy of social science, systems

Ruth Groff
USA, philosophy and politics

Cynthia Hamlin
Brazil, philosophy of social sciences

Justine Johnstone
UK, naturalistic philosophy (especially epistemology), cognitive science, information technology and development studies

Tobin Nellhaus
USA, cultural theory

Caroline New
UK, gender

Wendy Olsen
UK, development research, globalisation or global political economy, moral
economy and policy

Solange Papa
Brazil, education studies

Douglas Porpora
USA, sociology, political economy, culture, morality, and religion

Craig Reeves
Postgraduate students

Venkatraman Subramaniyam
Thailand, literacy and education, grassroots development work community development, rights, education, literacy and Information society