Call for Papers: Special Issue of Journal of Critical Realism

Please note. We have decided to defer this issue for 12 months (to 2012 instead of 2011) because of the large backlog of other material we have at JCR. (Ed. 24 August 2010).


Journal of Critical Realism 10(4) 2012
Special issue editor: Jamie Morgan
General editor: Mervyn Hartwig
Submission deadline: 24 January 2012

In Dialectic: The Pulse of Freedom (DPF) Roy Bhaskar argued that emancipation needs realist dialectics. DPF, a challenging and difficult book for many critical realists, has now been in print for 16 years. During the years since its publication the general concept of dialectic has not been a main current in philosophy, social theory or the humanities. There has, however, been in recent years a gradual recognition of the potential of dialectical theory. Chris Arthur’s The New Dialectic, Alan Norrie’s Dialectic and Difference and Sean Creaven’s Emergentist Marxism are just three examples of this recognition. We feel that now is an opportune time to invite papers to engage with dialectic and with its relation to critical realist thought and a wider world in crisis and transition. We invite contributions from authors in any discipline who have an interest in elaborating, critiquing or, especially, applying such thinkers as Hegel, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Ilyenkov, Adorno, Ollman, Jameson, and Bhaskar. More philosophical papers might address such questions as the relative adequacy of dialectical concepts of contradiction, absence, change, totality and emancipation. More applied papers might address such questions as the contribution of a dialectical approach to a realist account of some concrete phenomena (the environment, the economy, etc.). In all cases it should be noted that it is a requirement that the submission engage at some level with critical realism. This could take the form of an irrealist critique (for example from a Žižekian perspective) of critical realist dialectics, or vice versa. Papers will not be rejected for taking a critical line regarding critical realism so long as the basis of the critique is clear and original.

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Papers should be no more than 8,000 words. In all other respects, our Author Guidelines apply. Please consult these at (after clicking on For Authors, click on Author Guidelines).

Papers will be subject to both internal and external peer review.

24 January 2012: submission deadline
1 July 2012: final revision deadline
October 2012: publication

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Special issue editor: Jamie Morgan
General editor: Mervyn Hartwig