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Latest: IACR Annual Conference 2012

16 - 17 July pre-conference workshops
Conference: 18 - 20 July 2012

The 2012 IACR Annual Conference will be held Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

Conference website:


The purpose of this site is to act as a hub for developments in the field of Critical Realism . A brief introduction to Critical Realism can be found here.

The site incorporates feeds from online activities that relate to Critical Realism. These activities include:
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In addition to this, the site aims to provide a resource for Learning about Critical Realism, including links to other online resources. Critical Realism is a complex inter-disciplinary topic which can be approached from many angles. In answer to this, we provide a number of ways to explore the territory:

Calendar of Events

Critical Realism News
  • PhD studentships
  • SOAS Event, April 5th
    “AGAINST THE FLOW: CRITICAL REALISM AND CRITIQUES OF CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL THOUGHT” School of Oriental and African Studies, room 116 Saturday April 5th 100. – 2.00 John Urry, Prof o...
  • Critical Realism Group at the IoE
    The next meeting of the Critical Realism Group at the IoE will be on Tuesday, March 11, in Room 944 at 5:30 p.m. <> Tone Skinningsrud, Head of the Department of Education in the Universi...
  • CCR Seminar, London
    The following seminar has been organised by the Centre for Critical Realism Against the Flow: Realism and Critiques of Contemporary Social Thought. Participants: Radha de Souza, Ivan Horrocks, Jami...
  • London Talk: Tone Skinningsrud
    <>IACR General Secretary Tone Skinningsrud will be giving a seminar on Tuesday, March 11 at 5.30 pm on “A Critical Realist Rationale for Comparative Case Studies in the Historical Socio...
  • Cambridge Realist Workshop 21st January 2008
    Another term, and yet another attractive programme for the Cambridge Realist Workshop. To see the programme go to: programme.htm First up is Ha-J...
  • Cambridge Realist Workshop 19th November
    Next up at the Cambridge Realist Workshop on Monday November 19, the speaker is: Arnoud de Meyer giving a talk entitled: “Making Sense out of Empirical Data on Technology Management” Ar...
  • Congress for Planetary Initatives 2007 – Resolutions
    The Congress for Planetary Initiatives 2007, assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah (August 22-26, 2007). Attendees included Roy Bhaskar. The resolutions adopted at the conference are now available on t...
  • Cambridge Realist Workshop – November 12 2007
      Next up at the Cambridge Realist Workshop on Monday November 12, the speaker is: Geoffrey Hodgson giving a talk entitled: “Prospects for Economic Sociology”   As usual (&lsq...
  • Sydney Critical Realism Seminar
    Engaging Realism: AACR Seminars and Discussions The Australasian Association for Critical Realism (AACR)is pleased to announce the latest in a new series of seminars and discussions, to be held at ...

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